Staff Affairs

The Presidential Staff Excellence Awards (Zuma)

San Diego State University Staff Affairs Committee is proud to announce the annual Presidential Staff Excellence Awards (ZUMA). There will be a private award reception and public recognition at University Convocation in the fall along with additional recognition throughout the year as opportunities arise. These awards formally recognize and thank the staff who provide outstanding contributions and support to SDSU, the community and to their fellow employees. These awards honor the staff of SDSU in seven areas: Community Service, Service to the University, Staff-to-Staff Mentoring, Innovation, Collaboration, Manager of the Year, and Auxiliary Support.

Overall criteria for these awards categories are:

Following are examples of specific criteria for each of the staff award categories. These are only examples of what would qualify an individual or group for that particular category and are not meant as a comprehensive list.

Community Service

Service to the University

Staff-to-Staff Mentoring - within the department or cross-discipline


Collaboration - within the department or cross-discipline

Manager of the Year (MPP)

Auxiliary Support