Staff Affairs

Staff Senators and Senate Committees with Staff Seats

Staff Senators

Norma Aguilar (May 2019-IVC Campus)
Bann Attiq (MAY 2018)
Cyndi Chie (May 2019)
Jose Preciado (May 2019)

Academic Resources and Planning (CARP)

Jose Preciado

Associated Students Facilities

Shareka White

Bookstore Committee

Diana Osborn

Campus Development Committee

Teresa Cisneros-Donahue

Campus Fee Advisory Committee

Lisa Thurn

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Danielle Ingoglia

Disability Access and Compliance Committee

Jon Rizzo

Diversity, Equity and Outreach Committee

Rachael Stewart

Environment and Safety Committee

Todd Rehfuss
Lynn Gagne

Freedom of Expression Committee

Suzanne Finch

Instructional and Information Technology Committee

Lisa Heizer

Intercollegiate Athletics Authority

Arnold Baldeaux

International Programs Council

Teresa Cisneros-Donahue

Senate Executive Committee

Bann Attiq

Staff Affairs Committee

  1. Debra Bertram, Chair, Staff
  2. Bann Attiq, Staff Senator
  3. Cyndi Chie, Staff Senator
  4. Jesica Brubaker, Staff
  5. Suzanne Finch, Staff
  6. Lisa Thurn, Staff
  7. Danielle Ingoglia, Staff IVC
  8. Diana Osborn , Staff
  9. Todd Rehfuss, Staff
  10. Lisa Heizer, Staff
  11. Carlos Sanchez, Staff
  12. Frederick Conway, Faculty Senator
  13. John Mercurio, Faculty
  14. Vacancy, Student

Student Grievance Committee

Jessica Savalla
Jason Tan

Student Media Advisory Committee

Jackie Jones

Sustainability Committee

Leviticus Johnson